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Automatic pump switch ՝ ESPA Kit 02 – Aqua Systems

Automatic pump switch ՝ ESPA Kit 02

Electronic pressure regulator KIT 2 is designed for automatic systems
maintaining constant pressure. KIT 2 is usually used in traditional
installations with installation directly on the discharge connection of surface pumps, however
it can be installed anywhere in the pressure pipeline, both surface and
submersible pumps. The main advantage of the KIT 02 electronic pressure regulator
is that, in combination with pumps, they provide a stable pressure in the system, in addition to this
they are distinguished by high reliability and functionality at their rather small
dimensions, allow work with water containing a small amount of sand. Electronic
pressure regulator KIT 02 includes the function of electronic protection against: “idle”,
lack of water, excess of the suction height, work on a closed valve, suction
air. In addition, KIT 02 is equipped with a built-in check valve, hydraulic shock absorber,
pressure gauge, electronic circuit and reset button. Also KIT 02 can be used with
pump whose flow exceeds the maximum capacity of the control unit
KIT 02, for this it is installed on the bypass.

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Production: ESPA

Model: ESPA Kit 02

Maximum throughput: 10 m3 / h

Cube pressure- 7 bar

Mains voltage 220v

frequency:  50Hz


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