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ESPA Multi-stage water pump ՝ PRISMA 15 2M / 15 3M / 15 4M /15 5M – Aqua Systems

ESPA Multi-stage water pump ՝ PRISMA 15 2M / 15 3M / 15 4M /15 5M

Pumps of the PRISMA series are designed for pumping clean water free of mechanical impurities and long-fiber inclusions from wells, wells, reservoirs, lakes, rivers and other sources. They can be used to increase pressure in centralized water supply networks.

Self-priming, lifting water up to 2 m * when the suction pipe is empty. With a filled suction pipe, the pump can lift up to 9 m **.
A distinctive feature of the pumps is their extremely low noise level.
The pumps are compact in size, have excellent hydraulic characteristics, and are highly reliable in operation.
The electric motors of the pumps are highly energy efficient, compatible with any kind of control devices, and have proven themselves perfectly when used under the control of a frequency converter.
* Before starting operation, the pump housing must be completely filled with water.
** The specified value is given for the operation of the pump at an altitude at an ambient temperature and pumped liquid of 20 ° C and at zero altitude (altitude above sea level). In real operating conditions, the lifting height of the pump may be less.
Centrifugal horizontal multistage electric pump
Impeller type: closed
Seal type: mechanical (face)
Cooling of the electric motor: air, forced (by means of a fan installed on the shaft of the electric motor)
Connection type to:
– suction pipe: threaded
– pressure connection: threaded

  • PRISMA 15 2M
  • PRISMA 15 3M
  • PRISMA 15 4M
  • PRISMA 15 5M
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