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ESPA KIT05` Automatic pump switch – Aqua Systems

ESPA KIT05` Automatic pump switch

Electronic control unit type KIT 5 is designed for automatic systems
water supply of one or more buildings. KIT 5 is commonly used in traditional
installations with installation directly on the discharge connection of surface pumps, however
it can be installed anywhere in the pressure pipeline, both surface and
submersible pumps. In addition, it can be used as protection against idle
course of “fire extinguishing stations and multi-pump booster installations. In these cases, the unit
control is installed directly on the suction manifold of the station.
The main advantage of the KIT 5 electronic unit is that in combination with pumps
they provide a stable pressure in the system, in addition, they are highly reliable and
functionality with their rather small dimensions, allow work with water containing
a small amount of sand. The electronic control unit KIT 5 includes the function
electronic protection against: “idle”, lack of water, excess of the suction head,
work on a closed valve, air suction. In addition, KIT 5 is equipped with a built-in
valve, light indication of operating modes, hydraulic shock absorber, pressure gauge, adjustment
pump cut-on pressure and restart button. Also KIT 5 can be used
with a pump whose flow exceeds the maximum capacity of the unit
control KIT 5, for this it is installed on the bypass

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Production: ESPA

Model: ESPA Kit 02

Maximum throughput: 10 m3 / h

Cube pressure- 10 bar

Mains voltage 220v

frequency:  50Hz


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