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ESPA Pool circulation pump SILEN S2 100 24M 230 – Aqua Systems

ESPA Pool circulation pump SILEN S2 100 24M 230

Pumps with a prefilter series SILEN S2 are designed for pumping water (clean, chlorinated and low salinity *) in filtration and recirculation systems in artificial reservoirs, swimming pools, water parks, SPA.
* The maximum permissible salt concentration is indicated in the “Technical data” section.
The SILEN series prefilter pumps are specially designed for use in filtration and water recirculation systems in swimming pools.
The pumps are self-priming, allowing the pump to be installed above the pool level.
At the same time, SILEN s2 have compact dimensions, which greatly simplifies their installation on site.
The special design of the hydraulics makes the pumps insensitive to air entering the hydraulics.
All elements of the hydraulic part of the pump are made of high-strength plastic, which makes it resistant to corrosion, regardless of the composition of the reagents used in the disinfection pool.
The built-in coarse filter (prefilter) prevents large foreign objects from entering the pump and the filtration system. The transparent cover of the coarse filter allows you to track the degree of its contamination for timely cleaning.
Detachable connections make pump assembly / disassembly easy, making the process quick and easy.
A wide range of pumps allows you to choose the most optimal model to meet customer requirements.
Pump motors are highly energy efficient and reliable. Single-phase models have built-in thermal protection.
Centrifugal horizontal single-stage electric pump with built-in prefilter.
Impeller type: closed.
Seal type: mechanical (face).
Cooling of the electric motor: air, forced (by means of a fan mounted on the shaft of the electric motor).

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Brand: ESPA
Country of origin: Spain
Type: water pump
Model: SILEN s2 100 24M 230
Water quantity Max.` 16.8 m³/h
Pressure max. 3bar
Inlet pipe DN1 ‘ 63mm
Outlet pipe DN2 ‘ 63mm
Power: 1,6 kW
Voltage: 230V

623.5 x 325.5 x 268(мм )

16,5 kg


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