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Swimming Pool Filter` ESPA FKP 520 6 LT 13742/STD – Aqua Systems

Swimming Pool Filter` ESPA FKP 520 6 LT 13742/STD

Sand filters of the FKP series are designed for water purification in swimming pools. A backfill made of special sifted quartz sand is used as a filtering element.
All filter elements are made of high strength polypropylene.
The filter housing is non-separable, consisting of two interconnected hemispheres.
For the convenience of the user, modifications of the filter with a top or side arrangement of a six-position valve are provided.
A wide range of filters allows them to be used in various pools – from prefabricated minimum volume to large public.
A special drain valve is installed in the filter, which allows you to drain water from the filter for maintenance or conservation without loss of sand.
Filters with a side-mounted six-position valve are equipped with a transparent top cover for easy monitoring of the state of the backfill; in filters with an upper valve position, a special transparent insert located directly on the valve is provided for the same purposes.
The six-position valve has three threaded outlets for connection – inlet from the pump, outlet of filtered water and drainage of water into the sewer.
Using the valve, one of the operating modes is selected: filtration, backwash, sand compaction, circulation, drain, closed.
There is also a “winter” position of the valve, which ensures the safety of the sealing elements in the cold season.
Additionally, a platform for compact installation of the pump next to the filter is offered.

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Production: ESPA

Model: ESPA FKP 520 6 LT 13742 / STD

Filter diameter: 520 mm

Filter height: 886 mm

Recommended pump capacity: no more than 10 m3 / h

Recommended operating pressure 2.5 bar

Valve: 6

Connection: 1.5″ BP

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